Gönderen Konu: Tülüşah (Rhaponticoides iconiensis)  (Okunma sayısı 1724 defa)

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Tülüşah (Rhaponticoides iconiensis)
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Perennial, glabrous or sparsely and minutely pilosulous. Stems erect, 60-80 cm, with 2-4 long branches from c. middle or in upper part. Basal leaves numerous, bipinnatipartite, ovate-oblong in outline, 16x20 x 6x12 cm, segments linear, 0,5-1,5 mm broad, ultimate ones 0,5-4 cm. acute or acuminate; lower cauline leaves similar or a little smaller, middle ones small, pinnatipartite, uppermost linear, entire. Capitula 1-5, borne at apex of stem and upper part of branches. Involucre ovate-oblong, 3-3,5 x 2-3 cm, slightly umbilicate at base. Phyllaries multiseriate, subcoriaeeous, bright green. blackish-spotted above, ± conspicuously marked with longitudinal blackish-green lines, obtuse, with entire. narrowly scarious margin; outer phyllaries suborbicular, 5-10 x 5-10 mm, inner ones ovate or oblong, 10-20 x 5-10 mm. Flowers gold, c. 3-4 cm. marginal ones scarcely radiant, sterile, with filiform laciniae; anther tube sulphur, subexserted. Achenes cylindrical, glabrous, c. 7 x 2 mm. Pappus double, smooth; outer pappus multiseriate, to 15 mm, inner c. 1,5 mm. Fl. 7. Alt. c. 1050 m.
Endemic. Ir.-Tur. element.